When you retain me, you get my 16 years of traffic ticket courtroom experience. Period! What you need is aggressive representation that can achieve the best possible outcome for you. Whether this is your first, second offense, your third, or your fourth, you need an experienced San Antonio Traffic ticket lawyer, so call me at (210) 495-9999 for your free initial consultation.

Receiving a Traffic Ticket or arrested is aggravating enough. Dealing with it afterwards can be an even greater cause of stress. Failure to address Traffic Ticket in a timely manner may result in the issuance of a warrant for your arrest, suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, higher insurance premiums, and additional court appearances.

After receiving a Traffic Ticket for a moving or non-moving violation, you have three options:

Pay the stated fine
Represent yourself in court
Hire a traffic ticket attorney.

If you choose to pay the stated fine, this is generally taken by the courts as a ‘Guilty’ plea, and any points involved will appear on your record with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Your insurance company will also be notified. If you decide to address the ticket yourself in court, you are likely to spend hours waiting in line downtown on a work day. Depending on the court, your first appearance may only be to meet with the court’s clerk to schedule your official trial date. Then you must re-appear at a later date for your trial

Our San Antonio Traffic Ticket Lawyers take the time to appear before the judge and take care of your Traffic Citations for you, so you can spend your time and energy elsewhere. In most cases your ticket will be reduced to a non-moving violation (illegal parking) with No Points on your DMV record, No Traffic School, No Court Appearance, No Insurance Increases, and reduced court fines. With expert advice and thoughtful approach to resolving your case.

Here are some questions I always ask to determine whether going to court makes sense.

1. Was the officers view of what occured obstructed by other moving vehicles or stationary objects like trees, fences or buildings?

2. Did the officer stop the right car?

3. Were you charged with speeding even though you were driving safely?

4. Was there an obvious provable error on the officers part.

The reality is that at the end of the day I don’t know anyone that can afford to have traffic violations on their driving record. So, don’t pay your ticket because its easy.

We  Can Help With Any Traffic Violation including:

  • Speeding
  • Careless or Reckless Driving
  • Drunk / Impaired Driving
  • Truck / Commercial Driver Violations
  • Suspended or Revoked Driver’s License
  • Driver’s License Restoration
  • All Types of Moving Violations
  • Disobeying Traffic Signs

Published by Hector Gonzalez on 03-01-14