Justice For Families Of Wrongful Death Victims

If your family has lost a parent or child in an accident caused by another's carelessness, contact a San Antonio wrongful death lawyer right away. We are committed not only to recovering the greatest compensation possible on your lawsuit, but also to help the survivors make a successful transition through an extremely difficult period in your life.

There was a time when persons of modest means or low incomes could not expect to receive very substantial jury verdicts on wrongful death claims, because the value of the deceased person's lost future earnings was held to be low.

Whether your loss resulted from a fatal car wreck, surgical malpractice, or truck accident, we will work closely with you to fully develop the facts of what the victim meant to your family, and approximate the value of what can never be replaced.

Our experience with presenting the intangible components of the surviving family's loss in a wrongful death lawsuit is reflected in the settlements and verdicts we've achieved for our clients in the past, and can represent an advantage for your family as it works toward recovery from the consequences of a fatal accident.

For additional information about our ability to serve your family's needs in the aftermath of the loss of your loved one, contact a Texas attorney by email using the form above or call 210-404-4230.