You Have Rights After A DWI Charge

The attorneys at the Law Office of Hector Gonzalez III, P.C., in San Antonio have 20 years of experience defending drivers charged with DWI offenses in Texas. We understand how the process works and how different prosecutors will view your case.

We have been aggressively fighting for our clients' rights since 1995, and we will fight for you, too.

A DWI charge is not a conviction. We will protect your rights and fight to get the case dismissed or the charges reduced. Contact us right away if you were pulled over for drunk driving.

DWI Charges

We represent individuals facing all types of DWI charges, including:

  • DWI, including first offense, second offense and any subsequent offenses
  • DWI with a child passenger (felony offense)
  • Intoxication assault (felony offense)
  • Intoxication manslaughter (felony offense)

We will walk you through the entire process and explain how evidence may be used in your case. Obtaining evidence is a difficult process and can result in evidence obtained through a blood or breath test being oppressed, depending on the specific factors in your case. Our lawyers have decades of experience investigating all aspects of DWI cases and know what steps to take to create a strong defense.

Your Future Is At Stake. We Will Aggressively Fight For Your Rights.

Drunk driving convictions can result in serious penalties, including jail time, significant fines and the loss of your driver's license. You only have 14 days to address a license suspension with the DPS. Our attorneys have experience handling these issues and can help you through this process.

You deserve skilled legal representation when you future is at stake. We are familiar with court procedures and know what to expect in your case. Let us start fighting for you so you can focus on your future.

We Will Protect Your Rights. Contact Us.

You need an experienced DWI attorney on your side. Contact us online or call us at 210-404-4230 to schedule a free initial consultation.